BS Pin Type Efficient Nano Mill

  • BS Pin Type Efficient Nano Mill Manufacturers, BS Pin Type Efficient Nano Mill Factory, Supply BS Pin Type Efficient Nano Mill
  • BS Pin Type Efficient Nano Mill Manufacturers, BS Pin Type Efficient Nano Mill Factory, Supply BS Pin Type Efficient Nano Mill
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BS Pin Type Efficient Nano Mill
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  • Hebei,China
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  • 1000 sets one year

BS Pin Type Efficient Nano Mill widely used in pain, coatings, pigment, Lithium battery, digital consumptive material and ceramic material.
The main function is to grind the material into small particles to apply to different industry.There are 6 sizes of production capacity for your choose.

BS Pin Type Efficient Nano Mill

Work Principle

BS Pin Type Efficient Nano Mill also named sand mill, beads mill, The working force between grinding media and material is generated from the high-speed rotation of dispersing device(disc, pin or paddle). Under the force of viscous resistance, Grinding media and material moves along with dispersing device and be thrown to the cylinder inner wall by centrifugal force, forming double-circle turbulence. 

The strong inter-movements of grinding media form great cutting, pressing and abrasive force, making the material change shape and generate stress-field. When that stress reaches material yielding and breading limit, the material will be deformed plastically or pulverized. 

The un-pulverized material will be thrown back to the cylinder inner wall by centrifugal force. In this zone, the density of grinding media reaches the highest point, thus making the pulverization more powerful. The fine final products will be separated from grinding media by separator and be discharged from the bead mill.

Technical Parameters

Tube effective volume(L)5203030100150
Main motor power(KW)5.52230375575
Grind medium quantity(L)3-3.514-1721-25.542-5170-8590-120
Material Viscosity(pa.s)<10
Pump age(L)0-300-60
Air consumption (m3/min)0-0.40-0.6
Main shaft revolution(r)11101011919694510484
Water consumption(m3/h)0.611.5222
Productive Capacity(Kg/h)10-1030-30050-50070-700120-12001500-2000
Feed tube diameterG3/4"G 1"G1 1/2"
Discharge tube diameterG1"G1 1/2"G2"
Cooling tube diameterG3/8"G3/4" XG1/2"

Main Features

1. Compact and stable welding structure rack, useful and mice appearance.

2. Well-designed discs and pin combine dispersing system, strong energy exchange between grinding beads and material, thereby reaching super fitness grinding.

3. Advanced large flow separating screen, ensure high efficient production, no block up.

4. Integrated double mechanical seal, allowed choosing lubricant according to product character.

5. Easy replaced high wear-resistant inner grinding chamber and dispersing parts, Alloy steel, ceramic, high polymer material, stainless steel etc for choice.

6.Screw type for water cycle passageway, multiple positions cooling water setting, excellent cooling performance.

7. Full Ex buttons control and scientific PCL touch screen control for choice.

8. Feeding Pressure, Output Temperature, Mechanical seal lubricant oil level etc multiple safety control. 

Product Show

effiicient nano mill

Option Feature

  1. PLC control screen or Ex-proof button

  2. Stainless steel/ high polymer material/alloy steel/ceramic

  3. Outer grinding chamber 304/A3

  4. Inner grinding chamber polyurethane/silicon carbide/cemented carbide

  5. Pump, gear pump or pneumatic diaphragm pump

  6. PLC Siemens or Domestic

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