Adjustable Flow High Speed Homogenizer

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Adjustable Flow High Speed Homogenizer
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200-600L/h Can Adjust Flow High Speed Homogenizer with vacuum pump and can adjust flow speed, it is best apply to adhesive or slurry homogenization, which efficacious dispersing the material uniformity, and improve the lithium battery performance.
The widely flow range is suit for different customers with different request, one machine can solve this problem, Yushun engineer are always consider for customers.

Adjustable Flow High Speed Homogenizer

Main Feature of High Speed Homogenizer

Capacity: 200-600L/h

Improve the uniformity of slurry:

  • Because the raw material feeding, mixer speed, time, temperature and vacuum are operated manually during the production of slurry by single mixer, beside the effect of workers’ quality and workers’ replacement, each batches of slurry are quite different on viscosity, solid content, formula ratio, fluidity, it effect on quality of finished electric core.

  • The uniformity of slurry which produced by normal mixer, will be further improved after cycles by Yushun’s high speed homogenizer.

 Improve the performance and quality of electric core:

  • The slurry which cycles by Yushun’s High speed homogenizer, can complete disperser the conductiveagent and adhesive in the slurry to other materials; remove the agglomeration, thus , reduce the batteryinternal resistance and improve the adhesive force of Pole piece and slurry

Technical Parameter of high speed homogenizer

1. Capacity: 200L-600L/h

2, Screw Pump Speed: 6109r / min

3. Preset rotation: 12000 rpm (7000-14000r/min)

4, Feed temperature: 16 °C

5, Discharge temperature: 37 °C

6. Solid content after dispersion: 65%~70%

7. Viscosity after dispersion: 4000-6000cps

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