• 1.What is the viscosity does your mixer suit?

    Yushun double planetary mixers are suitable for dispering,mixing and stirring of high viscosity material,approximate viscosity from 10000cp-1000000cp. It can used for all kinds of adhesive,Electronic Paste,solder Paste and other medium and high viscosity material.

  • 2.How is the temperature control of the dual planetary mixer carried out?

    After the dual planetary vacuum mixer equipment is started, it can be connected to the quick plug of the drum and the temperature controller, so that the temperature controller will display the actual temperature of the current mixing tank. After the equipment has completed the mixing operation, also disconnect the quick plug of the drum and the temperature controller in time. At this time, the temperature controller will also display a certain temperature, but this is not the current temperature of the mixing tank. For safety reasons, the dual planetary mixers are usually equipped with an over-temperature alarm device. When the temperature exceeds the preset temperature of the temperature controller, an alarm will be issued and the heating power will be disconnected to avoid damage caused by overheating of the equipment. When the temperature is lower than the set temperature, the temperature control system will restart the heating switch to ensure the material is fully mixed. When the temperature control switch is in the state of being hit, we can only measure the temperature of the dual planetary power mixer, but not the temperature control. This is a good way to achieve temperature measurement and control.

  • 3.How about your advantages?

    a. On time delivery.  b.  More than 23 years’ experience.  c. Quality guaranteed and professional service. d. OEM & ODM. Various design based on client’s requirements.

  • 4.Will you send us drawing of required machine for checking?

    Yes, we’d like to send you our draft drawing of the required machine . After you place order, we shall send you details drawing and technical parameters. Then shall put into production once you confirm the production.

  • 5.Is there any quality warranty and after service?

    The warranty period of mechanical portion of the equipment shall be a year after you received the equipment, and help buyer installation and commissioning the equipment, and free training operator.

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